Round 2

We are ramping back up for a new version to release. The Space Barrage Arcade page is updated in anticipation of the new push. We have a new version of the game ready to pounce on the App Store that we’re proud of. It’s far more refined and fun and we are confident enough to soon start placing it the hands of reviewers and start some promotions.

It has been a bit of a struggle putting all the pieces together to get this game launched as there are really only two people actively working on this game. And while the future direction and velocity of Buzzabit Entertainment rests on this next step those two people have learned that they really enjoy most of the process.

For us, making games is very fun and very hard work. Making money from games is hard work, sometimes involves luck, and for some people probably tons of fun.

At this stage in our progress one of the hardest parts is seeing how easily everything could be improved tenfold if we just had more time and/or more money. We have the skills and the will, but we need some success to get the resources. Pushing on.


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