Space Barrage Arcade 1.1 Now Available!

Space Barrage Arcade 1.1 Now Available!
Is that a transport shooting a missile?
Screenshot from the game showing new features
Is that a transport shooting a missile?

Space Barrage Arcade 1.1 is now available for download at the App Store. This is a big update and in our opinion the game is now much more fun.

What’s new?

Better Gameplay
Stage progression has been greatly rebalanced so the player can transition into the more challenging stages more easily. Expert players will be fighting hard to maximize their bonuses from the new upgrade system to prepare for the later stages.

New Upgrade System
Using beacons like the one next to the bottom transport in the picture. When you surround them with a transport inside shields they launch for upgrades. You can see this player has the upgrade that gives your first transport a missile launcher when you select him at the start of the stage — a huge advantage! The player has also earned several upgrades to shield pieces so that 30% of them will come out green — they can overlap other shields rather than be blocked by them!

Much More!
More and better backdrops! More music with smoother transitions! Brag on Facebook! Refinements all over!

Check the App Store for more details!

Download on the App Store

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