Space Barrage glitch and fix

A few of you may hit a nasty bug where the game crashes after completing stage 1. A fix is on the way! While we wait for Apple to approve the fixed version here is a way to bypass the problem:

if you add at least one Game Center friend the game won’t crash there anymore. To anyone this hit we are so sorry!

How does stuff like this happen?

We do make mistakes, of course, and there are only two people actively working on this game — Buzzabit itself is just one guy. This one was a bit nasty to track because despite all those who tested it, no one had a Game Center account and also no friends added. It’s a condition probably common for many iPhone and iPad users, but not common for beta testers and developers.

In short: it was a simple fix, but tricky to test for.

We’ve made bigger mistakes in the past, but I don’t really want to relive those and we are learning all the time as this is the first game we’ve published. If you ever find a bug or something that doesn’t seem quite right, please let us know on the support page.

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